When you are at a location with bad data coverage, your smart phone and apps will be rendered useless.
However, SMS text messaging may still work, you can get METAR, TAF or more by texting.

Text the keyword HELP to +1 (650) 446 6777 from any phone for instructions.
Words are NOT case sensitive.

For worldwide METAR or TAF, send keyword METAR or TAF followed by airport name.
Examples: METAR KPAO or TAF KSFO or METAR EIDW (Dublin, Ireland)

For hourly reports, send keyword SUB or SUBSCRIBE followed by keyword TAF or METAR and airport name.
To stop, send STOP METAR KSJC

Disclaimer: Thank you for using this service, wxbytxt.com is not liable for the data this service provides. It is solely your responsibility to interpret and use the data.